Our client and project engagements tell the story of how we were able to make a difference in the world of our clients. At times this tells more about who we are and how we work than anything else.
TranPerth Train Operation (TTO) is a division of Public Transport Authority (PTA) responsible for the planning and operation of all urban rail services in Perth. TTO performed an upgrade of their rail schedule planning system and investigated the feasibility for the replacement or upgrade of their workforce management system. The operation used an in-house legacy system to perform the planning, administration and control of their resources for train services. Optimised resource planning is critical for the proper running of rail services in Perth. During the assessment of the ICT systems it was established the workforce management ICT system dictated their business processes which led to a number of inefficiencies and problems. Due to the system, TTO was unable to improve their services, optimise the efficiency of the operation and reduce costs. Although the original intention was to replace the system, e-Soul’s consultant recommended that TTO first solve their business problems before any acquisition or replacement of their system was undertaken. Systems do not necessarily solve business problems but it is rather business processes supported by a system that solve business problems. A Business Process Management (BPM) project was initiated as a precursor to any system replacement or upgrade. e-Soul was contracted to lead the business process management (BPM) project. The Workforce Management Project BPM was the PTA’s first BPM project. The BPM project spanned across multiple business units of the PTA, which complicated the project. In a highly political government organisation stakeholder management was identified as a critical component. Proper project governance and business process methodology procedures were implemented for the project team consisting of senior management, operational staff and executive management who supported the project. The project had an approximate duration of three months and included preparation for the procurement of a new workforce management system that would fit the planned new business model. The team was trained in BPM methods and a collaborative approach was followed to define the new business mode. The success of the project can be ascribed to stakeholder management, the involvement of key operational management and staff and executive support. General BPM expertise was contributed by e-Soul which all ensured the projects success. Compared to similar initiatives in the Australian rail industry the Workforce management project paved the way for the PTA to be successful with the acquisition of a workforce management project. PTA’s project costs of approximately $60 000 has resulted in an potential annual saving of millions of Dollars. It will further improved Perth’s urban rail service, significantly reduce the admin load, reduce operational risks and will substantially improved compliance.
HESA is a government appointed administration board that administrates all year twelve student applications for all South African universities. Due to an unprecedented growth in year twelve student numbers HESA were unable to keep up with the growing number of applicants which resulted in more staff being employed which lead to higher costs but failed to resolve the problem of long turn around times in the processing of applications. We carefully analysed their business process and developed new process options which were tested using simulation technology. Subsequent to testing a new proposed process was selected and implemented by HESA’s management. The implementation of the proposed business processes freed up several staff members, solved their space problem, eliminated the long turn around times, reduced their operational costs, created new opportunities for redeployment of staff and improved their staff’s working conditions. The outcome brought HESA to a better position and their board were able to focus to other matters.
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Acumen Wealth Management is a Perth based personal financial planning firm planner focusing on holistic financial advice. The business has maintained a consistent growth over the last 12 years and is a well-established business. As with most organisations, the owners of Acumen faced challenges in working “on” rather than “in” the business and accordingly appointed e-Soul to assist with the implementation and project management of the business’ engineering tasks. e-Soul implemented their SOS Consulting Framework with tools which is now making it easier for the owners and staff to mature the business model. With e-Soul as Acumen’s business engineering partner the owners are able to focus on what they really want to achieve in their lives and their business.
Donhad is one of Australia’s oldest mining consumables manufacturing companies and an international leader in the manufacture of grinding media and fasteners. Donhad’s business and manufacturing processes are at risk if they are unable to plan their supply chain for the manufacturing of their products which are dependent on management information and business transactional systems. Donhad’s ICT manager left on short notice, which left the company at risk as their proprietary systems required ongoing support. Donhad was able to outsource their ICT management very quickly to e-Soul. e-Soul has partnered with Donhad in providing them with support of their management information and business systems and successfully avoided disruption to the business.